I believe that providing an easily accessible service within a school setting increases the probability of early intervention and reduces the stigma associated with attending appointments in a mental health setting. In addition, due to increasingly stringent access criteria for Forward Thinking Birmingham (formally CAMHs), it is getting harder for children and young people with less severe problems, including primary school-aged children, to access therapy via this service. This increases the need for alternative provision of child psychology services.

I am able to offer a range of services to schools including individual child and family work for children at school; and supervision, consultation and training for staff members. We have developed a model of one morning per month in school with three appointments per morning. These appointments are available for advance booking by parents or staff for one-off consultation or, where appropriate, on-going pieces of brief intervention work with children and their parents.  We are also able to offer a half days staff training on Building Resilience in schools.

If you are interested in commissioning services from SCCPP for your school, please contact us and we will come to your school to discuss your particular needs.

To give a rough idea of our charges, we are currently charging in the region of £300 per psychologist for a minimum of half a days’ work (three and a half hours).  Training often requires two psychologists, depending on numbers.