"As the Inclusion Co-ordinator, I have found Sutton Coldfield Child Psychology Practice a vital service to offer parents in need. Feedback from parents who have attended consultations has been extremely positive. This is a much sought after service in our school with appointments fully booked and a waiting list."

"Parents were asked for written feedback about what they found helpful. These are some of their responses:

  • Advice and approach as to how to deal with a difficult situation
  • An action plan and encouragement to access helpful resources
  • Reinforcing our current strategies
  • Being able to talk about every aspect of our daughter’s behaviour freely and having someone listen and take the time and a clear way forward
  • Talking through the issues and realising that my son’s behaviour is normal (and actually he is coping really well) ☺
  • Just talking about the different ways I could help with the boys’ situation
  • Being asked questions regarding my son and get a balanced view to my thoughts
  • Understanding how a child may feel going through [parental] separation
  • Coping strategies and understanding the situation. Excellent advice given
  • Suggesting I visit my doctor to get my son weighed to determine if there is a problem to be worried about or not
  • Gave structure to a series of concerns and an approach we can follow to try and make changes
  • Recommendations of assessments that might be helpful for my son"