Clinical Psychologists are trained to work with a range of therapeutic approaches. As a result, I am able to draw from many models of treatment in our work, including behaviour management, cognitive behaviour therapy, systemic family therapy, solution focused therapy, and others. Through a detailed process of assessment and formulation, we work together to select the most appropriate therapy or intervention for your child/family. It is common practice for Clinical Psychologists will draw from a range of therapeutic approaches when dealing with a child and their family.

When best practice or the NICE guidelines for the NHS indicate, our treatment can involve co-working with other therapists. Similarly, on some occasions we may invite other qualified Clinical Psychologists to work independently with SCCPP families. This usually occurs when we know other practitioners who may have greater expertise in a given area, than ourselves, or when the presenting difficulty is outside our areas of expertise. For example, children who have a moderate to severe learning difficulty are usually seen by one of our Clinical Psychology colleagues who has amassed a great deal of experience with such children.

Treatment appointments last 50 minutes and will involve the child, and/or their parents/carers. We work with children and their families in a variety of ways. We work with children individually, with parents and other family members individually, and/or with families together. With younger children it is usual for us to work mainly through parents/carers, and with older children, to work mainly with the child.

If you opt for treatment in our service, you will be made aware of the likely number of treatment sessions that will be needed before you begin, and who you will be working with.

Treatment Appointments are charged at £100 per session.

PLEASE NOTE- the above fees are for privately funded work. The above fees are increased 20% for families paying through PMI (Private Medical Insurance) to reflect the extra administration and report writing required by PMI companies. 

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