I have a brief telephone conversation with every family prior to booking any appointment in order to ascertain that SCCPP is the right service for your child and to discuss which type of appointment would best meet your needs. We offer the following types of assessment appointments. It is necessary to have one of the following appointments prior to any 'treatment appointment' from our service.

Assessment Appointments - £400

Assessments include one face to face meeting that lasts up to 90 minutes, standardised questionnaires if applicable, a written assessment letter, and a short follow up telephone call. Usually we will come to see you at home and meet with your child and yourselves (parents/carers). During the follow up phone call, we will answer any questions you may have following the assessment, and discuss your options for treatment, if this seems necessary. If we feel that your child’s needs can be met within the NHS or via local voluntary services, we will inform you of this.

The assessment letter summarises our findings from the assessment and our understanding of how your child’s difficulties have arisen. We will also provide some written recommendations, which you may find useful when approaching other organisations or your GP.

Consultation Appointments - £150

Consultation appointments last up to 90 minutes. These appointments are often with parents alone. The first hour or so is spent gathering assessment information, and the rest of the time is allocated to a discussion about how to begin making changes for your child. This may also include directing you to other services that may be helpful to your family. Consultation appointments are intended to be “stand alone” appointments, with no follow up, although you could book another consultation appointment at a later date.

You will receive written recommendations during the session.

These appointments are best used if you are unsure about the type of professional, or service, that would be best suited to help with your child’s difficulties; if you think the problem is relatively manageable but would like some pointers; or if you would like to try out an appointment with a psychologist to see whether our way of working suits you and your family.

Please note:

The above fees are for privately funded work. The above fees are increased 20% for families paying through PMI (Private Medical Insurance) to reflect the extra administration and report writing required by PMI companies.