"Since my son's school teacher suggested he may have Asperger's Syndrome, SCCPP have been like a life line for me and my family.  We were devastated and needed prompt support.  We found SCCPP to be very approachable, understanding and professional aswell as flexible and accommodating with appointment times."

"They provided a 'whole family' approach which is essential with Autism Spectrum Disorder because it runs in families and often, a diagnosis, is followed by realisation that other family members suffer from it too.  SCCPP is a multi-discipl inary team and the services offered are tailored to individual needs. The professionals we have seen have been supportive, caring and helpful.  Even after we were discharged from the service they have provided ongoing support when things have got tough at home. My son is about to start a second course on assertiveness and emotional literacy.  The first course he did was several months ago and that was based on social skills awareness.  The courses were delivered by a Speech and Language therapist who specialises in Autism and communication problems.  The speech and language therapist is brilliant with children and my son hit it off with her straight away and really enjoyed their sessions together. She has also been very generous with sharing resources.  SCCPP have also provided helpful advice on what to expect and how to access mainstream services.  SCCPP evaluate their service and the impact they have made which we were involved in.  I thoroughly recommend them."

Mother of an 8 year old boy