"At Four Oaks Primary School we value the good mental health and emotional well-being of all our children. We feel that good mental health is the bedrock of everything else we, as educators, do in our school. It helps improve children’s classroom learning and academic progress and builds their resilience."

"Sutton Coldfield Child Psychology Practice provides parents with concerns about their child’s social, emotional or behavioural development, quick access to the skills of a qualified clinical child psychologist. Their service is offered on site thus ensuring easy contact for parents and children alike.

From school’s perspective it is ideal to be able to offer this valuable service to our parents and especially so during the current financial climate with the reduction in the provision of psychology and mental health services for children and their families, within the NHS.

As the Inclusion Co-ordinator at Four Oaks Primary School I have found Sutton Coldfield Child Psychology Practice a vital service to offer parents in need. Feedback from parents who have attended consultations has been extremely positive. This is a much sought after service in our school with appointments fully booked and a waiting list."

Lindsey Barton
Inclusion Co-ordinator